**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

3 Reasons Why Theme Parks Are Upgrading Their Point of Sale Systems

February 20, 2018

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Theme parks bring together people of all ages to experience fun attractions and create timeless memories. How often have you gone to your favorite park and been overwhelmed by the long lines and slow service? A problem that most theme parks face is outdated, legacy point of sale systems that slow up lines and worsen the transaction process. Here are three reasons why theme parks are making the necessary POS upgrade for the most optimal guest experience.

1. Shorter Concession Lines

Long concession lines continuously plague theme parks by deterring guests away from ordering, or forcing them to leave the park altogether. Guests will typically deter away from the congested areas and head toward more spacious locations at the park to skip the concession lines, meaning less purchasing opportunities for the establishment. When theme parks make the upgrade to a modernized POS system, they have the opportunity to put the power of ordering in their guests’ hands – which in turn leads to shorter lines and a more pleasant experience.

When there are more options available for purchasing, long lines won’t seem as daunting to guests. Theme parks now have the option of implementing self-serve kiosks into their parks, which means guests can step up to the device, place their order, and pick it up. Mobile ordering is also available for guests that are walking around the park, they can make orders on their smartphones and pick it up with no hassle. With the same theme of flexibility, handheld devices can be incorporated for the park staff to take orders anywhere in the park. Theme parks are no longer limited to standard lines with stationary registers.

2. Constant Connectivity

With the large crowds and new technology, connectivity capabilities are a major component for theme parks when they are making a point of sale upgrade. It’s important for a theme park to have a payments system that can withstand faulty connection or service. With an updated point of sale system, losing a sale because of lack of service is a thing of the past.

Cloud-based technology provides powerful software that will switch into auto-offline mode if there are any moments where service cuts out unexpectedly. The theme parks aren’t taking any chances on losing important data during the switch to auto-offline mode with seamless transitions and constant documentation.

3. Inventory Tracking & Analytics

Live data and analytics provide critical information to theme park staff and operators. The parks will have continuous access to real-time analytics, which is especially important for any items going out of stock or staff transaction errors throughout the park. Having this sort of data in theme parks may seem obvious, yet we see time and time again major parks using inefficient, faulty systems.

Theme parks host groups of excited guests on a daily basis, the point of sale system integrated throughout the park should be top notch to heighten the cheerful experience.  For more information on our point of sale platform, please send an email to sales@appetizeapp.com, one of our representatives will be in touch!