**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

4 Reasons Why Theaters Need A Modern POS System For Concessions

December 27, 2017

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Between rich history and exciting live performances, amphitheaters, theaters and performing arts centers are consistently a top pick for performers and fans alike. With the busy scheduling and large crowds comes a need for a modern point of sale system to provide the service guests expect.

Even though society has kept the ancient Greek appeal in amphitheaters, your point of sale system shouldn’t follow suit. Here are four reasons amphitheaters and performing arts centers need a modernized point of sale system.

The Show Must Go On… Without Concession Lines

This one might be obvious, but it’s the most overlooked problem by venue owners. Concession lines are completely avoidable when you have a modern POS system, yet we see time and time again outdated cash registers running the show.

With our self-serve kiosks, we not only see lines drastically shortening, but sales increase when guests have the power to order their own food. There’s potential for a 20% increase in revenue when you give guests the power to order. Plus, you’ll put guests back in their seats to never miss a scene or song. This leads to happier guests that will be lining up to come back to your venue.

The Intermission Break Chaos

The thirty minute intermission break can turn your venue into a madhouse, especially in performing arts centers. Imagine it, letting out over one hundred guests at the same time and giving them a time limit to order concessions or merchandise and get to the bathroom. It’s an organized mess waiting to happen!

Thankfully, there are ways to ease the hustle and bustle of intermission. First, hawkers can walk about the venue with handhelds taking orders and delivering concessions to the audience during the show. In cases of musicals and plays where it may be difficult, venues can provide self-service kiosks so guests can order on their own during intermission. And lastly, you can implement mobile ordering so guests can order on their phones and either pick their items up or have it delivered to their seats.

The Final Curtain Call and Your Reports

With amphitheaters and performing arts centers alike, there’s a constant rotation of various performances. Whether it’s a musical that’s in town for two months or a band stopping by for the night, it’s important for a venue operator to keep reports organized and separated. With traditional methods of payment, like legacy POS systems and outdated cash registers, reports are few and far between.

With Appetize reporting, we ensure your reports are accurate, secure, and accessible. From any device, you’ll have access to all of your reports at anytime, even during the event. These reports provide you with valuable insights like what stands are the busiest and which items are selling the most so you can plan for future events while having a more efficient process overall. You’ll also be able to send push notifications to all of your staff and volunteers in cases of stock sell-out or night-of emergencies.

The Star of the Show… Your Point of Sale System!

When that final curtain drops, you, your staff, and the audience should be able to look back at the night with only the best thoughts and memories. At the end of the day, your point of sale platform is a reflection of your venue. With speedy transactions and efficiency throughout, not only your guests will be more content with the experience, the performers will too. When a band comes to town, have your venue be the first in their mind to sell out.

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