**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Modern POS System

January 5, 2018

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Restaurants bring family, friends, and colleagues together for meals, cocktails and good times. When the service at a restaurant is impeccable, it brings the patrons coming back for more. From the waiters to the management, every single employee of the restaurant plays a part in the overall guest experience. Including the point of sale system implemented in the establishment.

With a modern point of sale system, restaurants can ensure a positive guest experience and overall steady flow, even on the busiest weekend nights. Here are 5 reasons why your restaurant needs a modern point of sale system.

1. Front and Back of House Management

Whether your establishment is fast casual or quick service, your guests still want the best experience as soon as they walk through your doors. From the moment they get in line or sit in their seats, provide them with front of house service that will be sure to stimulate their appetite! By adding in self-service kiosks or user friendly POS stations for your staff or the guests to use, lines will clear up and your guests will feel comfortable making larger purchases.

Once those orders are placed, the back of house management needs to be top notch to ensure a seamless process. With a robust, yet simplified kitchen display system (KDS), your management staff can easily review pending orders, keep track of inventory, and increase the overall efficiency of your kitchen.

2. Inventory Tracking

One of the worst things that can happen during the lunch rush or 6 pm surge at a restaurant is running out of the most popular menu item. If a restaurant is known for their specialty burger, most guests are coming specifically for that item. The disappointment can be detrimental to not only the guest’s experience, but the restaurant’s appeal.

With modern POS systems, restaurants can keep track of inventory, down to the ingredient. You’ll be able to receive live updates and alerts for when your order is coming to depletion and you can see in real time the orders being taken. This is great information to keep track of so you know which items are hot commodities in the establishment to stock up on for the future.

3. Effective Ordering Processes

When you give your guests the opportunity to make their own orders from the table or online before they even walk in, it gives them more of a chance to make larger purchases and spend less time waiting in line. Mobile handheld tablets give your guests the ability to order, pay and sign directly from their tables. This means they can hold the mustard and add in extra pickles conveniently, cutting the risk of error with complex orders. The server or guests will also be able to split the check without fail.

4. Floor Plan Matching

The floor plan of a restaurant can make or break the guest experience. It’s important for a restaurant to have clear lines of path for both waiters and restaurant patrons and a set up that heightens the ambiance of the space. This may not be one of the more obvious beneficiaries of a modern point of sale system, but your floor plan can be incorporated into your software.

With Appetize restaurant functionality, you have the ability to implement your restaurant floor plan into your software to accommodate various table sizes, the layout of your restaurant, the server assigned to each table, and inventory tracking per table. This is a visual tool that can keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently.

5. Staff Management

When your modernized POS system has easy-to-use functionality, it requires less training time for your staff and less room for error. You’ll be able to keep track of your staff by providing them with a convenient tool to clock in and out for their timesheets. The floor plan model in the software will also help you keep track of your staff.

You’ll achieve faster service and more precise ordering when your point of sale system is up to date. Appetize’s menu-driven approach makes it easy for staff to quickly review menu items, including allergen and ingredient level information, and submit the order to the kitchen.

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