**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Achieving Success With Appetize POS Systems Webinar

February 22, 2018

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Thank you to everyone that joined us on Wednesday morning for our webinar! Tons of great questions were asked and our Product Specialist, Jeff Brown, got to dive into how Appetize continuously transforms some of the biggest stadiums and venues across the country with modern POS systems.

Did you miss it? We get it, life gets busy. Below we’re recapping some of the highlights from the webinar and a few great questions that came from the audience.

The Top 5 Point of Sale Must-Haves

1. Support for Concessions, Retail & Restaurants

Any stadium or venue should have an innovative point of sale solution that can manage entities across the entire enterprise. From the suites to the parking lot, improve the guest experience by providing concise, fluid POS systems and software throughout. 

2. In-Seat & Mobile App Ordering

Allow guests to have the point of sale directly in their hands by providing mobile ordering within your stadium or arena. Efficiency and revenue increases when lines get cut down and fans get to stay in their seats and enjoy the game or show.

3. Parking Management

The parking lot is the first thing the fans see and experience before the game, make it top notch by cutting out the risk of technical difficulties with cloud-based POS solutions. You want your fans in the stadium for as long as possible, so create a seamless and efficient parking lot operation.

4. Inventory Management

Managers can easily access back of house management on the fly wherever they are, from recipe management to entering counts. Keep track of inventory in real-time with alerts and notifications throughout the venue.

5. Advanced Business Intelligence

Managers can keep tabs on their stadium anytime, anywhere. The advanced reporting generates custom reports to be sent automatically. This type of real-time analytic tracking is helpful for managers to take note of popular items or hot spots throughout the venue.

Jeff’s Q&A

Q: What gateway processors does Appetize work with?

A: FreedomPay, BridgePay, Authorize.Net

Q: Do you guys meet PCI compliance requirementS?

A: All of our solutions are PCI 3.1 validated and listed on the PCI-DSS validated website.

Q: What methods of payment does your software accept?

A: Cash, Check, house accounts, all major credit cards and gift cards. In addition, we also accept a variety of e-payments such as NFC, EMV, RFID, Bluetooth and wristbands.

Q: How does the split button work in your software?

A: Our split functionality implemented within our software makes it easy for restaurants or concessions to split up orders depending on which guest ordered what item or just an even split. This makes it very easy for the staff to get the transaction completed quickly in one simple order.

We’d love to see you at the next webinar! Be on the lookout as we’ll be making announcements frequently on our social channels, make sure to go follow below.