**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

How Airports Are Evolving POS Terminals With Kiosks and Handhelds

January 30, 2018

Trends & Insights

From the vacationing families to the men and women making their monthly business trips, it’s safe to say mostly everyone will travel through an airport at least once in their lives. That’s a lot of people in and out of a single entity. We’re happy to tell you that those long, unavoidable lines at the airport and the stress and anxiety of missing a flight due to wait times is officially a thing of the past.

As airports are starting to modernize their processes, they’re upgrading their point of sale systems to be more efficient and secure. Whether it’s self-serve kiosks for easy check-in or handheld devices for the airport lounge staff, airport travel is starting to become a more pleasurable experience. Here are a few POS products that are helping airports make that transformation:

Self-Serve Kiosks

Kiosks cut back wait times for concession lines and provide easy ordering for guests and staff. From the check-in process to ordering at a retail shop within the airport, self-serve kiosks allow the guests to check-in or make orders on their own. When this process changes from the legacy point of sale terminals that just provide stationary registers, lines cut down and it leads to a more pleasant system for everyone involved. In addition to the efficiency of kiosks, it also allows the airport to cut down on staff trainings and labor costs.


When it comes to the airport lounge, a majority of the guests are hoping to escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport into a private, secluded hideaway. Imagine the positive effects of eliminating wait times by giving your staff flexibility to take orders throughout the lounge. We’ve seen order sizes increase and overall happier customers when venues incorporate handheld devices to their process. With the iOS familiarity of these handhelds, staff trainings also become quicker and easier.

Modern POS Terminals

From the language barriers to complicated flight arrangements, most of the time when lines are backing up at an airport it’s because of the strings of questions that guests ask the airport staff. This is inevitable, but the POS terminal can be equipped with easy access to answers and check-out processes. We’ve seen firsthand how a powerful and dynamic, yet easy-to-use system can change the ordering process for guests and staff.

Now that you know about the products that can enhance the airport experience, we’d love to show you a live demo of how they work and their capabilities. For more information, please send an email to sales@appetizeapp.com, one of our representatives will be in touch!