**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

An Introduction to Frictionless Mobile Web Ordering

May 12, 2020

Guest Ordering Trends,POS Tech

Many customers are asking us the question, how can I get mobile ordering into as many hands as possible with as little friction as possible?

The answer:  mobile web.

Mobile web ordering is different than mobile apps or 3rd party delivery services and is the most frictionless mobile ordering method. It utilizes the web browser on your customers’ phone to place food, beverage and retail orders. Unlike other methods, there is no app download required– any of your customer’s can get to the mobile ordering site and place an order within seconds.  You can even use QR codes to point phones directly to the mobile website, further reducing friction (more on that below).

In this blog, we will explore Appetize’s mobile web software and different use cases of our mobile web platform including Virtual Kiosk, Virtual Waiter, Virtual Hawker and Virtual Drive-Thru.


Overview of Appetize’s Mobile Web Software

Appetize’s mobile web platform is called Interact Web. It’s specifically designed for use on phone browsers like Safari and Chrome and for easy, visual ordering.

Customers view menus, customize their orders, and checkout by creating an account or by using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Interact Web supports multi-location ordering for food courts, concourses, and venues, as well as both pickup and delivery.

Operators easily manage menu items, pricing, stores, and fulfillment areas all with Appetize’s KDS and management portal, without an app store update.  Branding and color scheme can be set up to match your brand guidelines.  Check out the example below.

Appetize interact mobile web ordering
Figure 1: Appetize Interact Mobile Web


How QR codes become your Virtual Kiosk, Waiter, Hawker, and Drive-Thru

Did you know that when you scan a QR code with your camera app, it can be set to automatically pull up a website in your phone’s browser?  Try it now on the QR code below!

What this means is – if you scan a QR code that has Appetize’s mobile ordering website linked to it, you will have mobile ordering in your hands immediately without downloading anything.

The applications for this are endless.  Put a QR code on tables, on the back of seats, on walls, or in the parking lot to let your guests order from anywhere.

If you have multiple concepts on the property – say a pizza stand, a taco concept, and a burger joint – each location can have its own QR code for customers to scan and order without waiting in line.  You could even have a QR code for your entire business and let guests choose which concept to order from.



The different uses of QR codes for mobile ordering can be grouped into four virtual concepts. Each of these virtual concepts is named for the portion of the ordering process that it enhances.


Virtual Kiosk

By placing QR codes on signage at entrances, on walls, and in dining areas, customers can pull up a Virtual Kiosk on their own mobile devices from anywhere. Like a physical kiosk, Virtual Kiosk can also present the guest with a choice of locations to order from– for food courts, venues, and campus locations.



Virtual WaiterAppetize Virtual Waiter Mobile Web Ordering

Use QR codes to augment table service, letting guests scan the code and pull up the menu. You can enable this as menu-only to replace physical menus, or with ordering turned on. Orders are sent with each table number to the Appetize KDS for fulfillment.



Virtual Hawker (Venues)Appetize Virtual Kiosk Hawker Web Ordering

QR codes placed at each seat let your guests place orders without missing any of the action. You can configure vendors by seating section, and, like Virtual Waiter, seat numbers are sent with the order for fulfillment.



Virtual Drive-Thru (Restaurants)

Placing QR codes on signs at each parking spot turns your lot into a carhop and allows you to serve more drive-thru customers. Parking spot numbers are sent with the order, and you can set this up for delivery to the car or for customer pickup at a window when the order is ready.



With QR enabled mobile ordering, you can easily transform your businesses. Mobile ordering allows customers to order from anywhere– reducing lines, easing congestion, and increasing order volumes. And all that is required to get this in your customer’s hands is setting up Appetize Interact Web and printing signs. What could be more frictionless than that?


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What is Mobile Web Ordering?

Mobile web ordering is an online ordering system that allows customers to order food, beverages, and retail merchandise using the web browser on their own mobile device. Because it is web-based, mobile web ordering doesn’t require the installation of an app. Customers can access the ordering system by navigating to a website or by scanning a QR code.


What are the advantages of Mobile Web Ordering?

Mobile web ordering does not require a user to install any app or software on their phone or mobile device in order to use the system and place an order. In addition, because it is web based, mobile web ordering can be launched on a mobile device by scanning a QR code with the phone’s camera and following the on-screen instructions. While apps can also be installed by scanning a QR code in this manner, mobile web ordering has the advantage in that it takes a user directly to the ordering system without requiring extra steps. QR codes can also be used to deep link within the ordering system.