**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

The Top Benefits Of An Advanced Kitchen Display System | Modern POS

July 6, 2018

Enterprise Management

The best restaurants are the ones that incorporate innovative technology that keeps them one step ahead of the game. Whether it’s with self-service kiosks or table-side ordering implementations, restaurants are on the cutting edge, making the experience all the better for guests. It’s no different in the kitchen, robust Kitchen Display Systems, or KDS, are taking the industry by storm, creating more seamless and efficient back of house processes. Here are the top benefits of an advanced KDS:

Streamlined Ordering

The ordering process becomes more streamlined with the wait staff and the back of house management in-sync. Once the guest or waiter inputs the order, the KDS is immediately notified with up-to-date notifications and order timelines. Before modernized technology, complicated orders used to send chaos to the back of house. More customizations meant more room for errors. Now, the back of house team can easily see every customization in real-time, leading to less errors and more productivity.

Improved Kitchen Efficiency

The efficiency in the kitchen drastically improves when restaurants implement a modernized Kitchen Display System. The kitchen management is alerted with real-time updates regarding orders and inventory. This type of management ensures kitchen staff can easily update menu selection if an item becomes out of stock. The KDS even monitors timing for meal delivery, so guests receive their meals in a timely manner and food never comes out cold. The alerts are automatic and customizable, because every restaurant has different needs.

Simplified Cooking Process

Along with kitchen efficiency improving, the quality of food enhances, as well. The worries of missing meals or getting backed up on tickets decreases when the KDS has the power to keep everything simplified and in one place, leading to the chefs and cooks able to spend more time perfecting the meals. When the quality of the food improves, the guests leave happy and satisfied, creating repeat business!

Accurate Tracking & Management

One of the worst things that can happen to any restaurant, whether it’s a fast-casual environment or a formal sit-down establishment, is running out of stock on a popular item. During peak busy times, like lunch or happy hour, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of orders to do an inventory check. That’s why modernized Kitchen Display System implementations provide inventory tracking and management, so the back of house team can focus on processing orders and keeping the rush running smooth. If an item does run out of stock, kitchen staff can easily mark the item as ‘Sold Out’. Then , the items sync seamlessly to all devices eliminating the need to notify the servers of those ‘Sold Out’ items, eliminating the risk of disappointed guests when their favorite item is out of stock.

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