**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Why Your Business Needs An Omni-channel Payments Process | Modern POS

May 2, 2018

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You may have heard the term omni-channel when referring to payments or business operations, as it’s becoming a critical component to achieving optimal guest experiences within your establishment. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a theme park, an omni-channel payments point of sale process provides efficiency and a steady flow in your space! Leading to increased revenue for your business and guest satisfaction for customers! So, what is omni-channel? And more importantly, why does your business need it? We’re going to dive into what omni-channel is and the different touch points that your point of sale system can reach!

What Is Omni-Channel?

In point of sale jargon, we refer to omni-channel as the multiple touch points for payment within an establishment. Think mobile ordering, self-serve kiosks, table side ordering, handhelds and more! When omni-channel payments is implemented, guests don’t even have to walk through the doors to make their purchase. It creates a seamless method of payment across the entire space and ensures shorter lines and faster transactions.

Before They Arrive

Before guests even walk through your doors, give them the opportunity to make their purchase ahead of time with mobile ordering. With technology booming, it’s important to give your guests options, especially during the busiest times or events. When guests get the option to spend less time waiting in line and more time eating or enjoying the event, it’s a win, win for everyone involved.

With modernized point of sale platforms, you have the ability to customize your own mobile app using intuitive omni-channel payments software specific to your brand. Appetize offers both a mobile app for your business and an implementation of an already created mobile app.

Making The Purchase

From self-serve kiosks to fixed and mobile POS terminals, make sure the check-out process is as easy and simplified as possible for your guests and staff. Self-serve kiosks are a powerful tool in most enterprises, as it places the power of orders into guests’ hands. When guests have the ability to make purchases on their own, it leads to larger quantity orders and speedier transactions.

With tradition POS terminals, modernized and cloud-based solutions shorten up lines and create a better transaction experience. Customer facing displays, or CFDs, provide dual-facing terminals or flip-to-sign features that provide guests with the comfort of seeing their order, tipping, and signature right in front of them.

At Their Seat

Whether it’s a restaurant or sporting event, give your guests the opportunity to stay seated and enjoy their time with friends or family, or to just catch all of the innings of the game!  Handheld POS devices and tablets allow for omni-channel payment transactions to take place anywhere in the establishment. Meaning your guests can stay seated, avoiding lines and purchasing more!

After They Leave

Any business owner knows the importance of leaving guests happy and satisfied every time they leave the establishment. When guests are content and fulfilled, it usually means they will be coming back for more. Whether it’s customized branding on the customers’ printed or emailed receipts or takeaway collateral, a modernized omni-channel payments platform can provide your business with a completely  unique way to send a message to customers, even after they leave the establishment. Targeted marketing for your business gives you the ability to keep your brand in the minds of your guests. Simply adding a logo to your receipts can do a lot to help make your brand more identifiable and help promote your business. Plus, adding or changing your logo and company information on a receipt can be done with a push of a button using a modern POS system.

Interested in implementing an omni-channel payments point of sale process into your establishment? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to one of our sales representatives at sales@appetizeapp.com.