**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

How Chains And Franchises Benefit With Modern Point of Sale Systems

June 14, 2018

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Franchise owners have the freedom to operate their own business, while getting the support and foundation from a parent corporation. On the other hand, owners of chain enterprises have the ability to operate as the parent corporation and manage multiple entities in a centralized way.  From the single unit operator to the manager of dozens of chain stores, it’s a team effort to make the business a success. Modern point of sale systems are an integral component of a well-functioning business, or a handful to hundreds of them! Whether it’s a restaurant chain or a grab n’ go franchise, here are the benefits of implementing state-of-the-art technology to your business:

Robust Inventory Management

Before the days of modern point of sale systems technology, managers and store owners were forced to use the old-school method of inventory tracking with a pen and paper. Now, they get the option to not only actively track and manage their inventory online from anywhere, but also obtain valuable insights into popular items, trends in sales by the hour, how long an item typically lasts on the shelves, and more. With powerful inventory management reporting and analytics, managers can keep tabs on all of their locations, or a single unit, to ensure no item or ingredient ever runs out of stock. With these types of capabilities, managers give guests a more enjoyable experience by ensuring their favorite items will always be available, even those most in-demand. To learn more about why robust inventory management matters, read here.

Uniformity Across All Operations

One of the most enticing things about owning a franchise operation or chain enterprise is the ability to provide a uniform look across all stores or restaurants. It’s an inviting feeling to guests when a chain or franchise has the same look and feel in every location, no matter where they are. We’re not just talking about the layout or menu items of the establishment either, the point of sale system plays a part in the uniformity, as well. In today’s state of booming technology, guests not only expect speed of service and modern point of sale systems payments, they demand it. Franchise and chain owners must adapt to these expectations by providing a fast and efficient payments process.

Precise Tracking And Transparency

For franchise and chain enterprise owners, the ability to know how each business is performing at all times is crucial. With a cutting edge system, owners now get the opportunity to check on any location, at any time. They can tap into key figures including total sales, profit, number of transactions, employee statistics and timesheets, and more, all at their convenience with access from their smartphones. This type of transparency provides franchises and chains alike with influential information for a successful operation.

When considering a modern point of sale system upgrade, the wellbeing of your business should be top of mind – and so should your guests! Read here to learn what makes for happy guests that are sure to turn into repeat business!