**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Improving Guest Experiences With Appetize Advanced Online Ordering Platforms

April 5, 2018

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Lauren Jacobs, Account Manager, Appetize Technologies Inc.

In our latest product blog series, Lauren Jacobs gives us an inside look at Appetize’s Advanced Ordering Module for suites, catering, or meeting room needs.


With eleven years of experience in premium sports hospitality, I’ve seen firsthand what goes into making an event successful amongst the guests and fans. Whether it’s a premium suite or a convention center meeting room, guests want the best possible experience. That’s what led me to my current position as an Account Manager at Appetize with a focus in Advanced Ordering. When venues incorporate a modernized point of sale system for pre-ordering needs, the experience vastly improves for everyone involved.

Graduating from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Management, my education led me on a career path from sports hospitality to technology. My passion for creating an exciting and memorable guest experience for fans led me to various roles within Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, which both gave me valuable insights into what crowds want and expect from their stadium and point of sale system. Now, I’m taking my field experience into assisting the development of our evolving advanced online ordering platform. Our goal is to create a product that increases revenue and enhances the guest experience before, during, and after an event.

Enhancing the Experience with Ease

When guests pay the extra price to hold a meeting or watch the game in a premium suite, they have certain expectations for their overall experience. From planning out their event before they even arrive to the stadium or venue to making purchases in the comfort of their suite, convenience and comfortability is key to happy customers With our advanced online ordering platform, we are constantly evolving our product with the guests at the forefront of our progressions. We take a hands-on approach into learning the components that make events noteworthy.

A major part to creating an exceptional guest event is creating smooth transactions and efficiency. Incorporating an attendant that can place orders on handheld devices from within the room increases the speed of service drastically. The attentiveness is narrow-focused on the specific guests in the suite, leading to a stronger relationship and trust level between staff and guests. With advanced online ordering platforms, connectivity is no longer an issue. A customized and responsive link that runs on WiFi or cellular service, ensuring guests can place their orders across web, mobile or tablet interfaces. The advanced online ordering platform syncs to the Appetize platform where items can be added to the same bill throughout the event. Guests can pre-order for the event and add their credit card, so there’s no need for them to provide a form of payment during the event.

Increasing Revenue & Sales

Satisfied guests are a major element to a successful venue. With advanced online ordering, we see a clear link between happy customers and increased revenue. With this platform, customers spend money before even arriving to the event, and then have access throughout to make purchases with the easy-to-use terminals and ordering processes. Incorporating a user-friendly interface has a direct correlation with larger purchases. Guests are more comfortable ordering more when they have the power in their hands. In addition to guests purchasing more items per event and increasing bill totals, venues also have the ability to cut down staff trainings with our intuitive iOS and Android functionality.

Just like the payments process, catering is now made simple, as well. Guests and staff can customize the catering for an entire event with the click of a mouse. From there, the robust Kitchen Display System ensures correct orders and constant real-time updates to and from the back-of-house. With this system, businesses no longer have to worry about running out of stock for popular items, so operators can keep tabs on the hot sellers and products that don’t do as well. What happens in the back-of-house is just as important as what the customers see firsthand.

Advanced Ordering

Whether you run a sports arena or convention center, giving the option of advanced online ordering to your guests and customers is guaranteed to be a win-win. Your customers will be pleased with the convenience of ordering for their event and you’ll see the increase in your revenue streams. The versatility in the product allows for Advanced Ordering to be used in any scenario and any event. Operators now have the ability to select precisely when they would like each item served and to be available for their guests. From food and drinks to merchandise and party favors.

Leading the point of sale industry, Appetize transforms how businesses of all types and sizes manage and process guest transactions at scale. Appetize’s product suite includes a robust Advanced Ordering platform that provides guests with an intuitive payments process, while also giving them the flexibility to add additional items from the comfort of their suite or meeting room on the day of the event. To learn more about Advanced Ordering, please contact us today!


Lauren Jacobs is an Account Manager at Appetize, with a focus in Advanced Ordering. She received her undergraduate degree from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Management and a minor in Communications with a soft focus on Computer Applications. She brings her robust background and knowledge in event and sports hospitality to her current role at Appetize. She brings her passion for creating memorable guest experiences to help create a groundbreaking product with her team.

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