**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Combat Holiday Shopping Madness With A Modern POS System

December 21, 2018

POS Tech

The holidays are here! Which means inevitable long lines, chaotic crowds, and a last-minute frenzy at every turn. TD Bank’s recent survey at the NY Business Expo revealed nearly 40 percent of business owners aren’t confident their current payment system can handle increased business during the holidays. We’re here to tell you that a modernized point of sale and analytics system can take the stress out of the holiday season for not only your guests, but your staff, as well. Here are our top four ways to combat holiday shopping madness at the point of sale.

Give Customers Options

In today’s modern world, technology is shaping the way consumers do everything, from making purchases to communicating with friends. At the point of sale, customers not only expect various ordering and payment options, they demand it. Before guests even arrive at your business, give them the opportunity to make their orders to get them in and out fast.

With omnichannel ordering and payment solutions, guests have options. They can make orders via mobile ordering before they arrive, skip the lines with self-service kiosks , process payments on flexible and portable POS terminals and handhelds, and more. Your guests want their orders made instantly, so make sure they have plenty of options to get their items!

Give Staff Flexibility

When it comes to long lines in your establishment, take a look at how efficiently staff can take orders and process payments; and for restaurants, how quickly those orders are sent to the back of house. With modern POS systems, business owners can now provide staff with fast, intuitive solutions and flexible hardware. Before, staff was limited to on-premise hardware solutions that were seemingly difficult to operate. Now, staff can take the modern POS systems with them anywhere with handheld devices. These handhelds typically run on iOS or Android devices, meaning staff trainings are shorter with familiar products.

Give Operators More Access

During the busy season, business owners are hopeful of their inventory flying off the shelves. But for most, this spike in sales can also lead to sold out inventory and unhappy guests. With robust backend analytics and inventory reporting, business owners can access all of their back office management from any device, anywhere. So for those days when the shopping rush hits, you will remain on top of the chaos. Our Connect analytics and reporting platform is customizable for any business in any given industry, from employee timesheets to item price changes.

Give Your Business More Opportunity

The holidays should be a time when businesses thrive. Don’t let outdated point of sale systems deter your business from getting the revenue it’s capable of this season. Learn more about the Appetize product suite and how an intuitive, modern modern POS systems platform built for enterprise businesses can impact your establishment while boosting guest satisfaction and increasing revenue.