Fairground Point of Sale Terminals & Self Service Kiosks

January 3, 2018

POS Tech,Trends & Insights

Whether it’s seasonal or year-round, classic rides and attractions are what draw crowds into fairgrounds. However, when the fairground has an outdated, antiquated point of sale system, the long concession lines and lack of organization may be hindering the excitement. No one likes waiting in lines for hot dogs or cotton candy, so make sure they don’t have to!

We see firsthand the positive effects that come from fairgrounds implementing Appetize point of sale terminal software. The modern, cloud-based technology provides efficiency and organization in reporting and the space. With self-service kiosks, guests can order on their own, leading to increased revenue, as well.

Oklahoma State Fair just implemented 15 fixed point of sale terminals in their location and are excited to let guests wander the grounds instead of wait in line!