**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Mobile Ordering System: The Secret To Happy Customers & Increased Revenue

December 11, 2017

Enterprise Management,Trends & Insights

Whether you own a restaurant or manage a zoo, all businesses regardless of industry have a similar goal: sales! To make more money, you need enthusiastic customers lining up to come back for more. While traditional methods of promotion, like discounts or happy hour deals, may get your customers excited, they might not be so long term.

So, what’s the secret solution to happy customers and increased revenue? Your mobile ordering point of sale system. Here are some modernized, key features that will be sure to bring excitement to your venue.

Mobile Ordering System to Combat Long Lines

No one likes waiting in line. Plain and simple. With our mobile ordering system, your customers can jump on their smartphone and place their order. From retail merchandise to a beer and dog combo, customers are more likely to make larger purchases when they’re not frustrated by waiting in the long concession line.

When building the mobile ordering system, we had both the customer and staff in mind. Our platform is extremely easy to use and user-friendly with a customized interface, so you can easily brand the mobile application to reflect your enterprise. You have the power to review insights and inventory from anywhere with access to real-time analytics.

Speedy Transactions with Self-Service Kiosks

With self-service kiosks, your guests get full control. They no longer have to hurriedly look at the menu and feel rushed when ordering. Guests can browse through our image-based menus, modify their orders to their heart’s content and place their order – all on their own.

With these kiosks come improved order accuracy, larger purchases, and faster service. Even during your busiest time of day, kiosks are bulletproof and can withstand the countless customers utilizing the equipment. Plus, our mobile ordering system hardware is rapid fast, easy-to-use, and requires little to no training for staff.

Hawkers and Handhelds

In addition to mobile ordering and self-service kiosks, we also provide a POS method for your guests to stay in their seats or purchase from anywhere in your venue. With handhelds, your staff can freely move about the entire space and make transactions on the fly.

Our mobile ordering system is native to both iOS and Android devices and is easily-manageable with a menu-driven interface. If any of the items on the menu sell out, the kitchen staff can provide real-time updates using our Kitchen Display System (KDS) push alerts.

Increase your bottom line and give your guests the most enjoyable experience at your venue. Learn more about Appetize’s mobile ordering system products here: https://appetize.com/