**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Modern Enterprise POS For Your Clients

Upgrade your clients to an omnichannel, cloud-based POS system and have a real-time look at the operational health of the locations you manage.

Introduce your clients to their next POS

Faster Transactions

Shorten lines and keep guests moving with omnichannel POS featuring intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use discount engine and versatile payment options.

Automatic Offline Mode

Process orders and payments at full speed even during connection interruptions with a proprietary offline mode that requires no staff interaction.

Flexible Hardware Offerings

Best-in-class fixed, portable, handheld and self-service hardware that conforms to each property's operations and communicates with a centralized POS platform.

A clear picture on all your managed properties

Complete Visibility

Track the health of any and all facilities under your portfolio at any moment with cloud-based enterprise management controls.

Permissions For Every Level

Fix operational challenges with management controls for enterprise, operational and ordering needs so sensitive data is always protected.

More Influential Insights

Spot trends, identify areas for improvement and create new strategies to increase revenue in real-time based on all of your managed properties.

Partnered with the leaders in your industry

“Appetize has been a great partner that has driven both innovation and efficiency within our operations. Using Appetize has helped us to enhance the fan experience by providing more flexible ordering and payment solutions that improve the speed of service to our customers.”

Mike Morris, CIO
Legends Hospitality

Built on a true omnichannel platform to support the evolution of enterprise food service

Centralize data collection from all managed properties to obtain an accurate, real-time understanding of exactly how each organization is performing. Modern omnichannel enterprise food service POS solutions from Appetize keep the companies you manage on the cutting edge of guest service.

  • Point of Sale

    Point of Sale

    Reduce wait times with a user-friendly POS solution that processes orders and payments fast, even when offline.

  • Handhelds


    Take orders and process payments courtside, tableside or while guests are still in line using on-the-go point of sale solutions.

  • Kiosks


    Give your guests direct control over their ordering experience as you speed up order fulfillment and improve your bottom line.

  • Mobile & Online

    Mobile & Online

    Reach your guests with a branded mobile ordering application or a web-based URL that customers can access remotely.

  • Kitchen Displays

    Kitchen Displays

    Instantly transmit all POS orders to a centralized device for preparation, even if your internet connection goes down.


Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management

Manage all aspects of your point of sale operation across multiple devices and/or locations from a centralized, cloud-based platform.

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