Ingenico + Appetize

October 19, 2016

Customer Spotlight

Appetize’s powerful POS technology has been proven as an effective solution while partnering with some of the biggest US and international brands in enterprise hospitality such as Legends, Live Nation and Aramark. The volume of transactions processed through Appetize’s POS terminals are growing at a significant pace e.g. in 2016, Appetize will transact 4x the amount it processed in 2015.

With such big transaction volumes and the threat of data breaches and hacking becoming an increasing concern for consumers and businesses, we consider security and reliability as the cornerstone of our business. Modern financial transactions require the very latest in security technology to stay ahead of the constant threat of fraudulent activity. To address this, Appetize has joined forces with some of the world’s most respected security players in a collaborative effort to ensure we keep customer and vendor information safe and transactions securely processed.

We’re proud of the industry partnerships we’ve forged e.g. Appetize was the first tablet-based POS provider to deploy PCI-validated P2PE security through FreedomPay, the payment industry’s highest standard for EMV payment data security.

For much of 2016 we’ve also been partnering with globally recognized, Ingenico, the electronic payments brand well known for its flexible and innovative EMV-enabled mobile solutions. Appetize uses Ingenico’s payment hardware to process EMV or chip and pin transactions which are quickly becoming the new standard for secure payments in the US. This counts for a major portion of our transaction flow since currently almost 50% of Appetize transactions are processed through Ingenico terminals. Ingenico helps partners to easily integrate their own technology and offers a complete solution to meet the specific needs of their hospitality merchant customers.

So while we can’t assure your team will win, next time you order a beer at an Appetize venue, rest assured your payment data is in safe hands.