New Restaurant Point Of Sale Systems At Healthcare Facilities

January 17, 2018

Trends & Insights

Food service is typically the last thing customers think of when they approach a healthcare facility. It’s inevitable that people spend hours upon hours at a hospital or care facility, which is why they frequent the cafeteria or dining hall on premise. As dining services are starting to step up their game by eliminating the unappealing menu items and upgrading their food options, technologically advanced restaurant point of sales systems aren’t falling too far behind.

From the patients to hospital staff, a smoothly run operation will make the establishment a more ideal and efficient space. A recent study by CBORD indicates that, on average, retail meals increased 20% at healthcare facilities in 2016 and continues to rise. It’s important for healthcare facilities to have a modern point of sale system that will make the dining experience enjoyable for the physicians, caregivers, patients and staff.

The various restaurant POS products at Appetize can enhance any healthcare facility. Self-serve kiosks will allow customers to make orders and purchases on their own, saving the facility labor costs and cutting down wait times. Mobile ordering allows customers anywhere in the hospital or entity to make their orders and then pick them up. And our user-friendly interface allows for easy ordering and quick service.

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