**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

Modernizing Museums With Advanced POS & Payment Technology

May 4, 2018

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Visitors come to museums for the rich history and to get a glimpse into different cultures, but they stay for the modernized technology that helps to make their time much more enjoyable. As technology booms, museums are leaving the ancient artifacts for the exhibits and finding modern, advanced point of sale solutions. An upgraded point of sale solution is critical for museums to accommodate the large crowds and potential wear and tear of the environment. Here’s how a cutting-edge POS solution can enhance museums:

Improved Quantity and Quality Management

Usually when people think of museums, the first thing that comes to mind is following a tour group. This typically means the dreaded parking lot rush to make it to the tour on time, long lines for concessions when the entire group stops for lunch, and the risk of lost visitors when they leave the group just to grab a water bottle. With an omni-channel payments process, the payment technology is modern and cloud-based – from the parking lot all the way to the self-serve kiosks within the museum.

Advanced POS Technology

When visitors get to the museum, handheld POS devices allow for speedy parking lot transactions and check-ins to the museum. Before they even walk in, guests are already experiencing smooth, effortless processes. When it comes to making their purchases, they have options. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, why not allow guests to make purchases from the comfort of their own technology! Anywhere in the establishment, guests are able to make purchases right from their mobile devices and either pick them up or get them delivered to their location. With hawkers and handhelds, museums can also provide staff with the ability to make transactions anywhere, at anytime.

Self-serve kiosks provide guests with the capabilities to create their own orders and make transactions completely on their own. This provides higher quantity orders and quality purchasing experiences. In addition to the self-serve kiosks, museums can also implement fixed or portable POS terminals with implemented customer facing displays to put payment control, tipping, and signature in the hands of their guests.

To learn more about how your museum can implement modernized payment technology throughout your establishment, reach out and one of our representatives will be in touch! Contact: sales@appetizeapp.com or call  1.877.559.4225.