PR Spotlight: Appetize Partners with FreedomPay to Offer Customers Greater Credit Card Security

May 27, 2016

News & Events

Our friends at talked this week about our partnership FreedomPay!


In a move that aims to give major sports and entertainment venues peace of mind about customer security, Los Angeles-based Appetize, the leading tablet point-of-sale solution for enterprise businesses, announced a partnership with FreedomPay, the longtime leader in mobile payments.

Appetize is a fast growing and disruptive technology company that works with more than 11,000 sports and entertainment, education, parking and leisure industries with its proven ordering and payments platform. Its team has grown to 60 members, and revenue increased by a factor of nine from 2014 to 2015. It expects a 4x growth this year.


The company’s number of installed venues has also expanded significantly, according to cofounder Kevin Anderson, with 55 new deployments being secured since the beginning of 2016. Some of the exciting new venues are Fenway Park, the New York Mets Citi Field, and Superbowl City.

Client demand for greater security — always essential with credit card transactions — was behind Appetize’s integration with FreedomPay. “Encryption is huge…huge,” Anderson explained. “The P2PE-validated solution is something that our biggest clients are all demanding.” He added that some clients wouldn’t even consider using Appetize’s solution next year unless it incorporated FreedomPay.

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