**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based Point Of Sale System

October 17, 2017

POS Tech

The mobility, security, and overall labor-saving potential afforded by cloud technology has made work simpler for businesses of every kind. Cloud-based point of sale systems are becoming the new standard in service by improving the process as well as guest experience with no disruption in data migration. If you’re considering making the switch, here are a few more reasons to take the leap into the future of POS.


Making the cloud your central hub means you’ll never be tied down again. Send orders from a tableside iPad directly to your Kitchen Display System, allow guests to complete transactions from the comfort of their seat at your venue, and manage your entire process from a mobile device or desktop anywhere. Any modifications you want to make such as sold out items, specials or integrations can be added instantly. No more outdated hardware or delayed updates. The cloud backs up everything, so you can make the most informed decisions at every the moment.

Security & Dependability

Backed up by multiple servers and protected by the highest security measures, the cloud minimizes your risks of breach, data corruption, and crash. With traditional systems it can take hours or days to discover the cause of an issue and resolve it, slowing down your process and leaving your guests with a subpar experience. Viruses are getting smarter about attack traditional point-of-sale hardware, and in the worst case scenario, you could lose everything. Cloud systems are constantly being updated to ensure your data is secured behind several layers of protection and available when you need it, whether you’re operating on or offline.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Cloud-based systems take care of the upgrades, maintenance, and storage for you, saving your business all that time previously spent on installs and troubleshooting. But the cloud isn’t just efficient, it’s a huge money-saver too. With traditional point-of-sale systems, you pay upfront as well as annually for upkeep and new software, as well as employee training in the case of significant system modifications. Cloud-based POS systems do all this work automatically without altering processes on your end, so you can continue business as usual without facing hidden fees and workflow disruptions throughout the year.

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