**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

How Hale & Hearty is Delighting Customers and Improving Operational Efficiency With Appetize

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About Hale and Hearty

Hale & Hearty has been a staple for hungry New Yorkers on the go for more than two decades. A leader in the fast casual industry, they are known for their rich soups that are always made 100% from scratch at their commissary in Brooklyn, using only the freshest local ingredients. Starting out of a small storefront on 64th and Lexington, today Hale & Hearty has grown to 21 locations in New York City, Long Island and Boston. After years of dealing with a traditional point-of-sale, they switched all of their locations to Appetize’s modern POS.

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The Challenge: Modernization

When modernizing a business to fit the times, few things are as important as the point of sale system. Hale & Hearty needed a modern solution to their antiquated POS that could scale and grow with them to make the brand more agile and forward-looking to improve both employee and guest experiences. In addition to this, they were also navigating complicated PCI compliance and the management of on-site file servers for each location. Appetize’s partnership with Hale and Hearty comes at a time when more fast casual restaurants are upgrading their point of sale with digital cloud solutions to optimize on-premise experiences. During Covid-19, restaurants focused on increasing safety and convenience for both staff and customers and modernizing their point of sale to future-proof operations.

This iconic fast casual brand needed a POS that could:

  • Support a complex menu of 640+ recipes
  • Handle high order volume & to-go orders
  • Support enhanced combo & modifier support
  • Aggregate their online & 3rd-party orders
  • Offer enterprise-level controls & analytics
  • Support immediate promotions & rewards

The Appetize Solution

Appetize is a cloud-based POS solution for enterprise brands that want to elevate the guest ordering experience for today’s customer. Appetize provides all of the benefits and flexibility of the cloud, including easy deployment, scale-up, reconfiguration, and upgrade capabilities. Following a successful October 2020 pilot at the Herald Square location in Manhattan, Hale & Hearty completed its roll out of Appetize’s advanced cloud technology across all its locations by February 2021. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, Appetize project managers and engineers were able to remotely help the Hale & Hearty team implement and troubleshoot the system every step of the way. The Hale and Hearty team took advantage of both: simple features like being able control the text size on terminal screens, to more complex ones including menu management and inventory tools via the Connect enterprise management portal.

Better Menu Management For Increased Efficiency

Appetize offers a customizable design that includes enhanced combo and modifier support. This was crucial for simplifying Hale & Hearty’s menu management process of the 600+ soup combinations. As pickup and delivery orders soared during the lockdowns, Appetize’s menu allowed for faster checkout and payment processing to combat rush periods throughout the day and improved the overall guest experience.


Beating Rush Hour With the Right Third-Party Integrations

One of the key features that drew Hale & Hearty to Appetize was the vast number of integrations, specifically P2PE technology with Elavon that significantly simplified their PCI Compliance. In addition, Appetize Payment’s competitive credit card processing fees was another factor in their decision to partner with us. Additionally a NetSuite integration helped the accounting team’s ability to visualize and report finances much faster, while an integration with ItsACheckMate helped store employees reduce the amount of time spent entering delivery and pickup orders from numerous 3rd party delivery platforms.

LevelUp, another Appetize integration, gave Hale & Hearty employees the ease to clock in and out, accept credit cards or level up customers without the need for a manager to assign them. When large crowds would form outside their locations, employees could enter their PIN and instantly help manage lines. Then as the lines shortened, employees could simply logout and continue performing other important tasks for the stores’ operation with no time wasted, and less frustration for customers.

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Implementing a New POS in Record Time During a Lockdown

Hale & Hearty teams were able to perform most of the installs themselves, enabling a rapid deployment even under the pandemic’s strict lockdown conditions. Appetize values their customer experience and is here to help our clients every step of the way. Appetize’s project managers and leads made it a priority to help the Hale & Hearty team make the much-needed switch from their legacy POS to a modern, cloud-based one. Since then, Appetize’s omni-channel solutions have helped significantly ease day- to-day operations.

All-In-One Solution for a Smarter Restaurant

Ever since launching 90+ Appetize devices and rolling it out to all of their stores in February 2021, Hale & Hearty has been able to exponentially improve both the guest and employee experience. From faster delivery times to better backend processes, Hale & Hearty was able to more than achieve their goal to modernize an antiquated POS.

Appetize addressed items high on their list and delivered on all of Hale & Hearty’s goals. From an IT perspective, the number of POS issues has decreased noticeably in the months since the final store was rolled out. While their system would typically have 3-5 issues on a given day, Appetize generally averages 0-2. Managers and employees were able to quickly adapt to the intuitive, new system, typically taking less than a week or two to transition completely, even after using the older system for 10+ years.

In addition, employees now have more time to make sure orders are correctly made, packaged, and delivered efficiently and with the highest quality standards.


Enhancing Customer Experience With a Modern POS

Hale and Hearty is one of the most recognizable and loved restaurant brands in New York City that was ripe for a modern ordering and payments solution. By utilizing Appetize’s next-generation platform, they’re continuing to delight customers, improve operational efficiency and deliver a streamlined payment experience, all at a lower cost.

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