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A Buyer’s Guide: Today’s Point of Sale Landscape

In this session, learn more about the future of point of sale, and see firsthand why thousands of establishments are investing in an enterprise cloud POS and management platform.

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How To Achieve Point Of Sale Success With Appetize

In this session, get an inside look at our easy-to-use platform, learn the 5 ‘must-have’ features of a POS system, and see firsthand why the largest venues and stadiums are continuously trusting Appetize.

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How To Meet Consumer Demand For Digital Ordering

In this webinar, Brian Whitney of Appetize Technologies discusses what it means to implement an omnichannel ordering approach at an enterprise level, the benefits of cloud-based solutions, how to see a fast ROI with guest ordering solutions and more.

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Why Franchise Restaurants Need Centralized, Enterprise POS

Whether you own a single franchise location or multiple units, the restaurant industry is changing and guests not only expect speedy service and intuitive payments, they demand it. In this 30-minute session, our Director of Sales, Nick Stauff, shares his insights into how franchises benefit from centralized, enterprise operations.

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5 Ways Handheld POS Devices Create Efficiency & Increase Sales In Restaurants

Handheld Point of Sale devices are a revenue driver for any business, especially restaurants. With 75% of restaurant diners opting to make their add-on’s and purchases on a handheld POS tablet, the proof is in the numbers that handhelds work. In this interactive 30-minute session, learn how handhelds give guests a sense of ease stepping into an efficiently-run, modernized establishment, all while increasing tips and simplifying processes for your staff and operators.

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