Why Robust Kitchen Inventory Management Matters | Modernized POS

April 11, 2018

Enterprise Management

How many times have you gone to your favorite bar or restaurant to get your usual menu item, and get that disappointing feeling when you find that it’s currently out of stock. Most of the time in these instances, customers are disappointed and leave with a bad taste in their mouth for not only the experience, but also the establishment as a whole. That’s why venue operators and managers are making the switch to modernized, robust technology that keeps track of inventory in real-time to ensure situations like that come few and far between. Here’s why powerful kitchen inventory management and analytic reporting is critical for any establishment:

Ensuring Happy Guests

Guests are the most important component to a well-functioning business, so it’s crucial for operators and managers to focus their efforts on making them happy! If you’re a restaurant owner with a well-known, top-selling item, make sure that item is always in stock. If you own a frozen yogurt shop, make sure the popular seasonal items are always ready to be served. Whatever your industry, customers want the in-demand menu items and it’s your job to give them what they want!

Creating Effective Management

A modernized point of sale system with an implemented inventory tracking and reporting system leads to not only better management, but also more effective and efficient processes. At Appetize, our Connect system allows for powerful reporting and analytics, cash room management, ingredient-level inventory module and timekeeping – making it the manager’s easy-to-use toolkit. The reporting is all customized to each venue or establishments’ specific needs, managers can filter reports to find any data imaginable. The analytics are exportable or can be viewed live for day-to-day or event-to-event at anywhere, anytime.

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