**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

4 Ways Self-ServiceTechnology Options Will Benefit Your Business

September 6, 2018

POS Tech,Trends & Insights

When it comes to making orders and payments at any enterprise business, customers are typically looking for two things: efficiency and reliability. They want to make orders, check out fast, and know their money is being processed on a trustworthy device and their orders are accurate. That’s where self-service technology options come in.

From self-service kiosks to point of sale terminals with customer facing displays, giving your guests the option of making orders on their own and getting to see firsthand what is being processed will vastly improve the guest experience, all while creating more room for up-selling to raise your bottom line. Here are our top four ways incorporating self-service technology options will benefit your business:

1. Customers Want Options

When businesses incorporate an omni-channel approach, meaning they provide multiple order touch points for customers, lines drastically decrease in wait times and guests are happier with more ordering options. Allowing your customers to make their own orders and process payments with self-service options provides them the ability to see firsthand what they’re purchasing. With today’s technology booming, your customers are already expecting advanced technology – so make sure they have options to check out and make purchases on their own.

2. Order Sizes Increase

It’s a fact that when customers have the ability to make orders on their own, average order sizes increase by 20%. Imagine standing in line behind a guest who’s order is never ending and holding up the line. That situation is dreaded by most and completely avoidable with modernized point of sale solutions. Now, with self-service options, guests can order as many items as they’d like with add-on modifiers. This not only decreases wait times, but makes it easier for guests to make larger purchases. Plus, self-service kiosks never forget to up-sell.

3. Order Accuracy Improves

Think of the same situation mentioned above, the guest is making a complex order as the line gets longer behind him, all while the cashier is trying to break down each line item to make sure the order is accurate. In most cases like this one, there are bound to be one or two mistakes before the order is processed for payment. This is where self-service options will improve order accuracy. When guests input orders on their own, whether it’s with a kiosk or mobile ordering platform, they can see firsthand what they are ordering and how many modifiers they’d like to add, they have the opportunity to review before making the purchase, and there is much less room for error. 

4. Customer Insights

Self-service options, like kiosks and mobile ordering solutions, provide advanced customer insights for establishments to better understand what their most popular menu items are, the busiest time of day, and even their most popular order modifiers and add-on items. Valuable insights like these enable business owners to determine what items to strategically promote, when to staff kiosks to help patrons move through the lines, and what popular add-on items they can increase the price of for additional revenue. Beyond traditional insights, operators are also able to see data in real-time to see which cashiers are busiest, what inventory levels are, and even 86 sold-out items. Within the omni-channel approach, self-service kiosks can seamlessly sync with other terminals to prompt inventory alerts to operators when stock is low across the entire operation.

Interested in learning how to implement self-service options into your establishment? We’d love to show you a live demo of our platform and the different options that could benefit your business. Email sales@appetizeapp.com and one of our representatives will be in touch. In the meantime, see our various kiosk products here .