Incorporating An Omni-Channel POS Experience In Your Establishment

August 23, 2018

POS Tech

In our latest white paper, we give readers an inside look into how business owners can leverage their Point of Sale system to become an omni-channel revenue driver for their business. Read the excerpt below:


It’s no secret that business owners all want the same thing… their customers turning into repeat business. Promoting a positive guest experience within your establishment is the most powerful tool to a well-functioning operation. We’re here to tell you that this is achievable through your omni-channel Point of Sale system. Before guests even walk through your doors, ensure smooth sailing within every aspect of their purchasing and ordering process.
Before we begin, let’s talk about omni-channel. In Point of Sale jargon – we refer to omni-channel as the multiple touch points for payment within an establishment; think mobile ordering, self-serve kiosks, and handheld POS devices. Here’s how your Point of Sale system can transform into an omni-channel revenue driver for your business.

The Omni-Channel POS Product Suite

So, your consumers want their entire ordering experience to be seamless, here are the tools your business needs to make that happen. In today’s fast-paced, digital society powered by smartphones, it’s imperative that companies immerse themselves in advanced technology. By implementing different types of payment options, your guests will not only get the convenience factor of making purchases quickly, but they have the power to make that decision on their own. Whether it’s with a mobile app before they enter your establishment or utilizing a self-serve kiosk, guests want options when making payments. Here are some various products to make your business omni-channel…