Serve Guests Faster with
On-the-Go Handheld POS

Bring point of sale to guests wherever they are with modern handheld POS devices.

Increase guest convenience and staff mobility

Give your staff the option to take the POS on-the-go with handheld and mobile options. A variety of screen sizes, accompanying cases and all-in-one enclosures, hand straps and belt hooks make it easier to serve customers from anywhere.

Increase sales with on-the-go handheld POS

Native to both iOS and Android devices, handheld POS run on the same intuitive, image-driven platform as the rest of your business. Robust peripheral support with barcode scanners, cases, and Bluetooth printers mean your staff has everything they need at their fingertips. With order-only or full payment options, you can more quickly checkout guests from anywhere.

Built on a true omnichannel ecosystem

  • Point of Sale

    Point of Sale

    Reduce wait times with a user-friendly POS solution that processes orders and payments fast, even when offline.

  • Handhelds


    Take orders and process payments courtside, tableside or while guests are still in line using on-the-go point of sale solutions.

  • Kiosks


    Give your guests direct control over their ordering experience as you speed up order fulfillment and improve your bottom line.

  • Mobile & Online

    Mobile & Online

    Reach your guests with a branded mobile ordering application or a web-based URL that customers can access remotely.

  • Kitchen Displays

    Kitchen Displays

    Instantly transmit all POS orders to a centralized device for preparation, even if your internet connection goes down.


Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management

Manage all aspects of your point of sale operation across multiple devices and/or locations from a centralized, cloud-based platform.

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