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Industry Insight: 2019 State of Restaurant POS Report

Appetize Technologies, together with Nation’s Restaurant News, conducted a survey determining operators’ top requirements for a restaurant point of sale solution and where they can improve.


Incorporating an Omni-Channel Experience in Your Restaurant

It’s no secret that business owners all want the same thing, their customers turning into repeat business. Read how your point of sale system can transform into an omnichannel revenue driver for your business.


5 Reasons Why Restaurants Need Modern Point Of Sale

Restaurants bring family, friends and colleagues together for good times. Discover the five reasons your restaurant needs a modern point of sale system to ensure a positive guest experience & overall steady workflow.


4 Must Have Features For Stadium & Arena Point of Sale

Stadiums and arenas have unique point of sale requirements, they must accommodate fans in several settings. Dive into the four must have features for your stadium or arena with Appetize’s recommended solutions.


Cashless Payments Modernize the Point Of Sale

Consumers expect speed and convenience. In this whitepaper, we explain why businesses are modernizing their point of sale processes to enable cashless or contactless payments.


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