**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**
**Appetize joins forces with SpotOn to deliver world-class technology and service.**

A Guide to Appetize Contactless Technologies

May 5, 2020

Guest Ordering Trends,POS Tech

Creating a Contactless Ecosystem Using Near Field Communication (NFC), Mobile and Online Ordering 

As cities and states begin to re-open for business, Appetize customers are changing their operational and technology models to provide contactless ordering and payment options for their guests.  Consumer behavior has already shifted significantly to digital and mobile channels, as evidenced by Mastercard’s recent announcement of 40% growth in contactless transactions globally.

Appetize has been a mobile-first solution since its founding in 2012, and is deploying its NFC, mobile, and online ordering capabilities now more than ever.

In this blog, we will cover the entire ecosystem of contactless technologies that Appetize offers, from digital ordering and contactless payment to fulfillment and delivery.


Appetize Touch-Free Technology


Contactless Payment (NFC)

With the recent influx of credit card companies shipping NFC-enabled tap-to-pay cards and more consumers using mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, enterprise businesses need to be ready for a world with less physical cash. Appetize POS terminals, handheld devices, and kiosks, are all equipped with payment devices with Near Field Communication (NFC) to accept contactless payments, allowing transactions to be completed without the cashier or guest passing anything back and forth.


Mobile Web

In 2019 and 2020 many Appetize customers chose to augment native app experiences with app-less technologies through mobile web ordering.  With Appetize’s Interact Mobile Web platform, guests use their own devices to place orders without having to install any apps. This full-featured ordering system can be accessed by simply pointing the camera of a mobile phone at a QR code and following the phone’s on-screen prompt. Appetize Interact Mobile Web enables four concepts: Virtual Kiosk, Virtual Waiter, Virtual Hawker and Virtual Drive-Thru.

Virtual Kiosk: Place QR codes on signs at entrance doors, on counters, and on walls to enable guests to use their own device as a “virtual kiosk” to place orders. QR codes can be customized to an individual restaurant or stand or can be setup to present a choice of locations to order from, for food courts and other large facilities.

Virtual Waiter: Place QR codes on tables to allow guests to view menus digitally, eliminating the need for printed versions. You can also allow guests to order directly from the mobile menu, with options for delivery to the table or for customer pickup.

Virtual Hawker (Venues): Place QR codes at each seat. This allows guests to place orders using their own device and without having to leave their seat. Available ordering options can be grouped by section. This can also be configured for customer pick up or for in-seat delivery.

Virtual Drive-Thru (Restaurants): Place QR codes on signs at each parking spot, allowing customers to order from their car using their own device. This can be configured for customer pick up or delivery to their location. This method reduces drive-thru lines and increases volume.


Mobile API

The Appetize Interact Mobile API allows app developers to embed food, beverage and retail ordering inside your branded, native mobile app. Guests can order from any specific location – whether a suite, table or seat number. Appetize powers these experiences at some of the world’s largest stadiums and theme parks today.


3rd Party Delivery

Appetize enables major third-party delivery services — including Postmates, DoorDash, UberEats, and others– for your guests to order pickup and delivery. Orders are submitted directly into the Appetize Kitchen Display System, eliminating the need for multiple tablets or re-keying of orders. As orders flow in from customers, sales figures are reconciled in Appetize Connect. Menus are also controlled through one source so changes can be made quickly and easily.


Online Ordering

Appetize Interact Online Ordering enables campuses, entertainment complexes and attractions to offer pre-orders of food, beverage and retail to their guests. Operators can set up meal packages, platters and other catered offerings for uncongested pickup anywhere on site.



Kitchen Prep and Customer Notification

As an omnichannel platform, Appetize consolidates all orders regardless of the method in which they were placed into a single unified system. Devices designed for staff productivity are integrated directly with customer communications, ensuring that guests are kept up-to-date and reducing congestion and crowding at pickup locations.

Kitchen Display System: Digitally route orders to the kitchen through the Appetize KDS. Track order progress from order receipt, through preparation, and to delivery completion.

Order Status Boards: With new virtual ordering methods and limited staff interaction, communication will be a key component of customer satisfaction going forward. Order Status Boards display the current status of orders and notify customers when their order is ready. These screens can be placed anywhere, including at pick up locations, by entrances, and in parking areas to keep customers informed and to help avoid waiting and congestion.

SMS Order Alerts: Keep customers up-to-date on their order status through SMS text alerts, sent automatically as their order is being prepared and when it is ready for pick up.



Appetize supports a number of pick up and delivery options. This includes counter-based pick up, curbside pick up and delivery, as well as integrations with 3rd party delivery services and secure locker providers.


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